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proving ways to stop procrastination





Stop procrastining
proving ways to stop procrastination


           procrastination remedies

Most often a time, we procrastinate deliberately, by delaying or postponing what we suppose to do or need done,  Somehow we just delay taking action until a later time,  sometimes because we don’t want to do it,  we also procrastinate with this mind set of ‘I will do it later, in these cases we could get ourselves overwhelmed with so much to do within too little time.

As a result we might have to struggle to catch up, and right before you know it, a new tasks and responsibility will just comes up again and might end up getting nothing done. And render us behind in some of our tasks and responsibilities.

Need to Set Clarity

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.”
Mark Twain


In order to avoid to keep procrastinating there is need for Clarity as to exactly what we really want, and then, Prioritize it by writing down every goals and objectives on paper, before start working on it, take a few moments to organize them by value and priority so as to be certain of working on the most important tasks.

Always concentrate your efforts on the most value actives. If we must procrastinate it should be on the less important tasks, since we can’t do everything at the same time, we must learn to deliberately put of those tasks that are of low value so that you have enough time to do the few things that really count. We should be creative in our procrastination.


Take Action Immediately

“Eghe mudia khian omwan, EDO-Nigeria proverb, meaning Time Waits for nobody.


The ability to manage our own time is real life procrastination management, taking action at the right time is necessary, so do something. Make a move, got to activate and Challenge you, least make a genuine effort, be action oriented, this will soon becomes a Habits, through practice and repetition, over and over again. Keep working on a list of tasks, give attention to key result areas, Beat your own deadlines.
Identify key constraints and challenge, focus on Upgrade your key skills: never stop learning, the more you learn, the more knowledgeable and skillful we become at our giving activities.
One of the major reasons while most people procrastinate is because they get overwhelmed,

‘To eat an elephant it needs to be broken down into pieces and then take one bite at a time, break and Slice down large complex tasks into bite-sized pieces and then do one piece of the task at time. Create enough time for every tasks, motivate yourself into action, be optimistic and constructive person.

Organize yours days in advance

Organize your days around large amount of time where you can concentrate for extended periods on your most important tasks. Maximize your personal power: know your periods of highest mental and physical energy and alertness each day, maximize  it by getting much done. Avoid Distraction in the Middle of Doing a Certain Task, be Self-Discipline.

Fatigue management

A major reason for procrastination is fatigue, Work at Your Own Pace, when tired or feeling tired there will be no need to start new task, is better to take a rest, during the day take a brake and refresh yourself charge up your energy.

During weekend go for a walk, participate in activity, exercise, spend time with your family and love ones, you will be more productive after a restful weekend. motivated yourself, resolve to become a complete optimist, Control Your Inner Dialogue and Your level of self-esteem, this make you put procrastination under control.

Reward your progress.

Set up a system to reward self for every major achievement and small success reach , give yourself a good treats, buy something for yourself ,it gives positive emotions, and increases  self-esteem, that would motivate  to do more without procrastinating.

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